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August 23, 2013


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Laughing jack x reader (LEMON!!!)

You blushed as your boyfriend (for 5 months) handed you a bag of multi colored gumballs. You giggled as he sent kisses up and down your neck, "j-jack, hahahaha, I gotta give you your present." Jack grinned and licked the shell of your ear "that's easy, just spread your legs for me." You blushed and pushed him away "j-jack you know how I feel about sex." Jack sighed "yeah it starting to annoy Me." You felt a pang of hurt in your heart but shook it off "here." You said with a laugh. Jack's cheery attitude returned as you handed him a black and white striped square present. He ripped it open and went silent "awwww sweetie it's awesome!" you grinned as he pulled out the new and improved candy maker. "Now you can make candy for me!" (Face palm) "Sure LJ, ""I'll go put this away, stay put Kay?" you smiled as you watched him go to his big carnival tent. "aaaaaand he's gone." All the dead children handed you the black lingerie and scurried off. You pulled it on, blushing darkly at the extreme cleavage and amount of skin exposure. "(nnnnnaaaaaammmmeeeeee)! Where are you my sweet lollypop?!" you made sure you dropped piece of candy, making a clear trail around the carnival. "(nnnnnaaaammmeeee)!" you giggled and made a trail back into the carnival tent. You quickly layed onto the bed stuck a lollypop into your mouth sexily and awaited the man (clown) that would take your virginity. Jack then waked in and froze eyes wide. You blushed darkly and gapped as jack burst out laughing. A glare soon appeared on your face and you made a move to walk past him in an angry huff. Jack grinned and wrapped his arms around your waist "come here." You gasped as jack pinned you to the large bed. You moaned as jack sucked and nibbled on your neck, blood droplets sliding down your neck. Jack slid off your lingerie bottom and slid three fingers into your entrance, earning a cry of ecstasy. You groaned in pleasure as jack's tongue connected with your vaginal hole. You laced your fingers through his long black hair begging for more "you like that my sweet?" you panted heavily "y-yes, gimme more baby." Jack chuckled and pulled back the skin of your clit. You screamed aloud in pleasure as he gently grazed his teeth over your pink nub and sucked on it heavily. You fisted the sheets tightly, pleasure overwhelming your entire being. You screamed out in pleasure as your climax poured out of you like Niagara Falls. Jack stood up, licked you off his lips sexily and peeled off his shirt, revealing his pale, long, set of abs. You could have fainted right there. Jack pulled off his over alls, socks and shoes leaving him in his strained black boxers. Then seductively climbed on top of you. "Oooh…" you cooed, jack's tongue trailing up you're pressed up breasts, chest, neck and cheek. In a swift movement jack tore off your bra top, leaving you completely naked. Jack flipped you onto your hands and knee's and pressed his body against yours. Jack slid off his boxers and threw it across the room like a sling shot, you couldn't hold in a laugh. You moaned as jack fodled your breasts and ran the tip of his cock at your opening "Ready?" you bit your lip "give it to me baby." Jack licked the shell of your ear once again "I love you (name)." you smiled lust fully "I love you too-AH!" you screamed out in displeasure as jack thrusted into you, taking your virginity with a grunt. "Ah, your so tight." Tears poured down your face and you sobbed into the pillows "i-it hurts." Jack stroked your hair "shhhh, its okay my sweet, it won't hurt much longer."  You continued to cry as jack began to move, blood sliding down your inner thighs. You began to relax with each thrust, soon enough pleasure began to build, your cherry already popped. "Mmmm, harder." This sudden moan made jacks grin widen. With a seductive dark chuckle, jack dug his nails into your hips and slammed into you at inhuman and rough speeds. "Ugh! Yeah!" jack slapped you hard across your ass, "'scream my name (name)! SCREAM IT!" your eyes rolled to the back of your head, an open mouthed smile on your face. "Yeah! Jack! Jack! Give it to me! Oooh jack!" you cried out in pleasure as you climaxed, jack's pulsing cock revealing his nearing end. You could have sworn you saw stars as jack shot his load into you and road out a climax of his own.

You both breathed heavily, chests going up and down as you layed with one another. "God that was amazing…." Jack chuckled "and we can do it any time we want." You giggled and whipped around so you where lying on top of his. You seductively trailed your finger up and down his chest. "Good, I'll be pretty busy from now on I guess."  Jack chuckled sexily "oh yeah, well, if your still able to move that well then it's time for round 2." You rose an eyebrow as jack climbed on top off you and pulled the sheet over you both.

"Ooooh jack…"


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NobodyIsntDead 2 days ago  New member
Oh......My G.O.S.H! O///O
senpi101 5 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Me: *finishes this story*
LJ: *walks in room* Watcha read in
Me: YOU SAY NOTHING!!! *Locks phone but forgot to put new password in*
LJ: *Gets on phone and evilly smirks*
Me: Oh Gosh, I know that smirk, AHHHH!
LJ: *Grabs Lilac by the wrist* Time to have some fun
Me: Someone Help!!
This was an awesome lemon :D (Don't question why I didn't put a nosebleed icon, I have my ways)
Unicornlover10 Apr 15, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
(OC) Bloom: -reads it then giggles- oh LJ your so -blushs- wow

LJ: hey bloom what are you ready ?

(OC)Bloom: -looks laptop then hides it- nothing

LJ: -finds it then reads it all- hey bloom -turns to you- let's talk

(OC)Bloom: ok then talk

LJ: oh no bloom not here how about in my room -grabs her hand then goes to his room-

(OC)Bloom: oh LJ -blushs then close his room door-

Why is LJ so hot >_<
Ice-princess-savanna Apr 13, 2014  New member Student Artist
umbreon011100 Apr 13, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Me/Kurama: Oh oh my O.O *drools slightly* I don't know if this one or the Izaya one I reader before is better >~< 
L.J & Izaya: *walks in* watcha reading
Me/Kurama: NUTHIN *closes tab and slams laptop closed XD but goddamn it's google chrome*
L.J: *opens laptop and the last two closed tabs*
Izaya: Haha Kura~chan been reading lemons again 
Me/Kurama: Shud-ddap
*both drag me away XD*
monalisaandclover Apr 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Me:*reading this*
LJ:*comes in*whacha reading candy?
me:*•.•*NUTEMH!*locks phone* 
LJ:*snatches**reads*hey, candy.....*semiy-ly*wanna play a game?* drags me to his room by hoodie*
AngelofLight22 Apr 7, 2014  Student Photographer
maskiessister Apr 4, 2014  New member
Mr.germany- *shouts* ireland!! What have you been reading!!
Me (aka,ireland): oh ya know leamons and such...
Mr.germany- why is there a germany x reader on here? *smirks*
Ireland: noooooo!!!!!!
(Germany is from hetalia)
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